Controlled Breathing Balloon

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Stress, Anxiety & Controlled Breathing

High levels of anxiety can manifest a lot of unease and discomfort, and in some cases, can escalate into a panic attack.

When a wave of anxiety passes over us, it can to some extent feel like we are no longer in complete control. This feeling only compounds the issue and so forms a negative feedback loop. If we can nip this loop in the bud, then anxiety levels can be kept to a more reasonable level and the undesirable effects can be kept at bay.

I have recently developed a very simple ‘app’, that can be of some help when faced with a situation as outlined above.

If you would like to regain some control in this challenging situation, then please give this app a go. If you can practice using the app before a pressing issue is evident, then when you are really under stress it will be much more effective.