Exercise Bikes

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Watch Out For Exercise Bike Syndrome

So we are rapidly approaching a new year and for most of us that means a number of good intentions on the horizon. These positive plans often manifest in the form of new year's resolutions.

The problem with new year resolutions is they rarely survive beyond the end of January. Unfortunately we find it so easy to revert back to our old ways.

An example of the good intention turning to dust might be buying an exercise bike in order to get fitter and lose weight. In essence this is certainly a good idea, who wouldn't want to be a bit fitter and a bit leaner? The issue is that we often think a purchase is a big enough action to solve the problem and that on its own it will be the answer to our problems.

So let's imagine you buy the exercise bike and it arrives in its cardboard packaging and you enthusiastically unwrap the device of hope. You proceed by assembling the bike ready for use and proudly place it in the corner of your lounge, where it remains motionless until you disassemble it and attempt to sell it on eBay. OK so maybe that's a slight exaggeration, perhaps you do actually ride the bike 2 or 3 times before abandoning it.

The point is, the “exercise bike syndrome” can come in many forms, buying a book on “10 ways to be happier” or joining the local gym or attempting the latest fad diet. The bottom line is, unless we commit to action, no external facet, tool or gimmick will get us to our destination.

If you want to attempt a positive change then one of the best ways to do this is to engage with some kind of support to help you achieve this. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a really good start, not only do other people help you sustain your efforts, the very action of interaction with other people is a key component to change. The recipe to change is positive thinking, positive action and positive interaction.

Often we forget to notice the good things in our lives and it is all too easy to notice the negative things happening around us. That's not to say there aren't a lot of bad things in the world, however, unless you plan to take action in a positive way and help address the problems with solutions then dwelling on their negative impact does not serve anyone. Alternatively, simply by looking out for and taking stock of the good things in our lives can help us stay in the intellectual part of the brain which is where solutions and positivity is born.

Positive action is the second key element for change and could include the exercise bike or going for a run or joining the gym. The thing is, positive action does not have to be limited to exercise. Positive action can simply mean addressing something that's been nagging you for some time, weighing you down, limiting your enjoyment of life adding to your 'stress bucket'. Positive action is simply action which moves you in a positive direction. This can be small, however so long as it is positive and you take the action then that's all we need.

So the final element is positive interaction. Interacting with others socialising or meeting as part of a common goal is a very powerful and life enhancing aspect. If you can incorporate positive interaction with positive action then you are on a winner. The positive interaction can help maintain the success of your intended actions. This might be in the form of joining a cycling group, running club or ballroom dancing, whatever floats your boat. The point is, by combining the positive activity with positive interaction you are getting a win-win, they feed into each other.

With positive activity and positive interaction you start to feel better and so positive thoughts start to show up more regularly in your mind. The three key aspects go together in a kind of 'magic triangle'. If you address all three, then your chance of success is very likely, if you only address one of them then the chance of longevity of change is limited.

Sometimes getting started can be a bit of a challenge and that's where hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be very useful. An obvious challenge which is no doubt very popular on the New Year resolution list is smoking cessation.

Hypnotherapy can address all sorts of challenges, self-limiting beliefs often hold us back from what we are really capable of.

With the gentle assistance of solution focused hypnotherapy, it is possible for you to find the best way forward for you. It can help you to address the things which are preventing you from reaching your goals and part of this process includes the key components to success I have outlined above.

We all have good intentions at times, the challenge is getting past the brick wall that sometimes presents itself when we start addressing our needs for change.