We have all experienced anxiety in some form or other in our lives such as worrying about the visit to the doctor, going for a job interview and even getting married!

Anxiety is a natural response to keep us safe. In our more primitive days of existence we would have experienced anxiety quite regularly as a result of being exposed to a number of life threatening scenarios, such as running away from a wild animal or defending our tribe from a threatening opposing tribe.

During an anxious event our bodies are flooded with various hormones to get us going so that we can perform a fight or flight action to keep us alive. The problem is that this mechanism is not very helpful in our modern day lives. At some point the anxiety can get out of hand and be part of our lives more often than is helpful and in some cases this might even manifest in the form of a panic attack.

Anxiety becomes a problem when we find ourselves worrying for a disproportionate part of the time, in some cases this worry can include worrying about worry! As the frequency or duration of anxiety increases then the quality of life is greatly reduced and this can be a very disabling state of mind.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent strategy to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety. Not only does it provide a bit of space and freedom from many of the symptoms during the trance session, hypnosis also opens the mind to positive suggestion which is extremely useful. Hypnotherapy can help deal with the root cause of anxiety which in turn can reduce the level and frequency of anxious moments.

After only a few sessions of hypnotherapy many people experience changes which become a cycle of positivity and noticeable improvement for them.

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