Confidence and low self esteem

At the very foundation of what we do is confidence, without confidence we wouldn't be able to do anything. Some people are lucky enough to have what appears to be an abundance of confidence and as a result achieve a great deal of success in their lives. For some of us it is not so readily available and its noticeable absence can be a very limiting aspect to our lives.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can be a crippling state of affairs and can affect people in many different ways including:-

  • Shyness
  • Uncomfortable in social or work setting
  • Inability to make decisions easily
  • A feeling of worthlessness
  • Negative perception of one's self image
  • A fear of public performance
  • Losing faith in ones abilities/skills

The good news is that we are all capable of having confidence or a healthy level of self-esteem, the reason we sometimes don't is largely down to self-limiting beliefs. The problem with lack of confidence is that when it's not kept in check it can decrease our sphere of living and quality of life to a depressing level.

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent way of increasing confidence to a more useful level.

During the process of hypnosis, positive suggestions which address the false beliefs can get through to the subconscious where it is needed. At the same time because solution focused hypnotherapy relaxes and reduces stress it means that we naturally gain a bit more resilience to tackle the more challenging issues in our lives.

When we are more relaxed we feel that little more capable so we tackle things which we otherwise might not have felt able to tackle in the past. As a result of this we receive first hand evidence that we are more capable than we thought we were and so our general level of confidence takes a step up and so it goes on.

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