Depression is more common than most people are probably aware. You may be surprised to learn that 25% of us in the UK will suffer from mental health at some point in the year.

We have all experienced times of sadness from time to time. Generally these periods of unhappiness are a natural response to an unfortunate event, normally the period of sadness does eventually end. The real problems with depression start to occur when it really impacts your life on a daily basis.

Depression is like a dark cloud hanging over the sufferer and is only really fully apparent to them and often it is a very difficult state to overcome.

The problem with depression is it kind of feeds on itself. Once depression takes hold, it is very hard to see things in a better light so unfortunately the darkness tends to prevail.

Bad sleeping patterns such as not wanting to get out of bed and face the day can be also be a factor which only adds to the problem.

If you suffer with depression then you will be aware of its far reaching consequences. Depression can impact people in a number of ways including:-

  • losing interest in things you would normally do
  • irritability
  • pessimistic view of life
  • feeling of worthlessness
  • suicidal thoughts
  • physical aches and pains
  • sleep problems
  • low energy levels
  • lack of interest in food
  • reduced social interaction
  • relationship issues with partner or spouse
  • reduced libido

Hypnotherapy can help you cope with depression by reducing the elements which can cause or maintain a depressive state of mind. It can bring a fresh outlook to your life which can be the catalyst to the path of recovery.

One of the key aspects hypnotherapy is that it can induce elements of our natural sleep patterns which tend to be missing when you are in a prolonged depressed state. By restoring a healthier sleep pattern and focusing on positive aspects in your life, a welcome change is often apparent even after only a few sessions.

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