A lot of people have a fear of something. For many of us spiders are not the most favourable creature to be sharing a room with, however, there is a significant different between a fear of something and being phobic.

A phobia is basically anxiety at a very high level which is triggered by something specific. This might be seeing or thinking about spiders in the case of Arachnophobia, or the fear of heights in the case of Acrophobia.

Phobias are generally a learned response often from a parent or sibling or when we suffer a traumatic experience which includes the item which we then subsequently develop a phobia for.

There are quite a considerable number of phobias. Here are just a few :-

  • Arachnophobia - A fear of spiders
  • Acrophobia - A fear or heights
  • Agoraphobia - A fear of open or public spaces
  • Aichmophobia - A fear of sharp or pointed objects
  • Chromophobia - A fear of colours
  • Coulrophobia - A fear of clowns
  • Emetophobia - A fear of vomitting
  • Enochlophobia - A fear of crowds
  • Melissophobia - A fear of bees
  • Thanatophobia - A fear of dying

Phobias are effectively a pattern of behaviour which is locked into a certain part of the brain. When the phobia trigger is present then this causes the pattern response occur which can manifest in the sufferer in many ways including cold sweats, racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing and in severe cases this can include a Panic Attack.

Hypnotherapy which can include the rewind technique can release the unhelpful pattern response in the brain. This can eradicate the need to respond in an extreme/phobic manner.

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