Weight Management

Weight Management

You may well have tried a multitude of diets to no avail.

Unless you are on a diet for health reasons, eventually there is an end to this ritual. Whether the end is 3 months from now or a year it is an end, and what do we often do at the end of a perceived period of sacrifice? We reward ourselves by having a treat to eat!

Even if we don't consciously reward ourselves we effectively return to a pattern of eating which preceded our diet regime. The inevitable outcome of the diet ending is the eventual return of the weight we have lost and often more than we lost in the first place.

Weight management with Hypnotherapy is not about brainwashing you to not eat or anything like that. It is about helping you utilise a more reasoned and intellectual approach to what you eat and the level of activity you might engage with.

Quite often the reason people struggle with their weight is due to a state of body and mind where the two of them are just not working together in an optimal way. There are certain evolutionary reasons as to why we might over eat and in order to override these primitive signals we need take a more intellectual and reasoned approach to food.

With the aid of Hypnotherapy it is possible to move into a more positive mind state and eat and exercise in a healthier way. Over time this can become habitual and once we start to moderate our food intake to a healthy level then other natural processes start to work more effectively and compound the process. We are also more inclined to increase our levels of activity which contributes to our successful weight management.

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